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Deanna Dubbin is a musical spirit on a journey of discovery, gifted with a voice that can mystically entice. Born into a multi- talented, musical family, Deanna did not have to look too far for where she belonged. That was composed for her and she has harmonized her part well. Her accomplishments include first and foremost her beautifully talented daughter Leah, The Dubbin Show, The Covergirls, Movie, Stage and Television appearances; and now, the logical progression to her career and the long awaited release of her self-titled cd, “With One More Look at You.”

Her present theme is, ‘I am just beginning’. Her message to all is to keep going, find where you belong, deeply touch those along the way with the gifts you have been given and never stop seeking. Never stop trying to find ‘You’.

CD Review ‘Quotes’

“Sure to get a nod of approval from the critics, this is a recording that will comfortably fit among the top pop and smooth jazz charts in Canada. Dubbin’s voice is clear, concise and incredibly charged especially in the upper range.”

“Her technique is masterful and her delivery articulate, offering the listener easy access to the lyrics…indeed the whole cd is about accessibility. Deanna has serious chops and delivers them in a highly listenable fashion.”

“What can I say about your CD? AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, EXTRAORDINARILY SOOTHING......WOW !!!!!!!!”

“We have played it over and over and over a million times now. Probably worn it out already. People have asked where they can purchase it.”

Live Performance ‘Quotes’

“She sounds like an angel…..no other voice like it.”

“When Deanna Dubbin sings, words like flawless, pure, powerful and exquisite come to mind.”

“Deanna has an instrument that rivals the best in the world and a delivery that leaves you spellbound.”

Message from Deanna

I invite anyone who wants to come along, to join me on my continuing journey as a female vocalist. I have managed to ‘make a living’ singing for more than half of my life and now I’m venturing into the vast and unpredictable world of recording.

My past has been spent doing background vocals, jingles, musical theatre, touring with my family show, The Dubbin Show, creating my own show, The Covergirls and singing with various musical formats from soaring 30 piece orchestras to a single guitar. Give me a simple folk song with a guitar accompaniment and I’m right at home. Show tunes, Smooth Jazz, R & B, Country and pop music are all styles that have been woven into the fiber of my performance experiences.

I have had so many wonderful highlights in my career from hosting my own television special to being chosen to sing the opening and closing ceremonies songs for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Film, television, stage and recording studios have all become comfortable environments to express my love of music and performing.

“With One More Look At You” is a 16 song collection of standards and not-so-standards that feature Deanna Dubbin’s astounding voice with a varying selection of highly skilled instrumentation ranging from solo guitar, to small jazz combo, to full orchestra.
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