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‘Welcome to the official Deanna Dubbin website! Here you can find out more about one of the best vocalists you may ever have the good fortune to hear. Deanna’s new CD, “With One More Look At You” is a collection of 16 songs that are delivered with a level of skill and emotional power that just isn’t available on your local radio stations. If you want to hear what a woman with a monster ability can do, please go directly to the “listen” page and find out for yourself.’

‘After you listen to the excerpts of the performances included on “With One More Look At You” the urge to purchase this wonderful collection will be overwhelming. Lucky for you! On the “CD’s” page you can order one for yourself, as well as a few extras you could use as gifts that will no doubt become one of the lucky recipient’s favorites.’ (Written by Producer, Engineer of Nevin Park Productions – Brad Steckel)

Telephone: (403) 241-2598

“With One More Look At You” is a 16 song collection of standards and not-so-standards that feature Deanna Dubbin’s astounding voice with a varying selection of highly skilled instrumentation ranging from solo guitar, to small jazz combo, to full orchestra.
Come and have a listen to excerpts from “With One More Look At You” and enjoy!
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